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1. (of a colour) having violet, blue, or green predominating; cold
2. (of jazz) characteristic of the late 1940s and early 1950s, economical and rhythmically relaxed
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CLIPS Object-Oriented Language?


A C++ class library developed at Texas Instruments that defines containers like Vectors, List, Hash_Table, etc. It uses a shallow hierarchy with no common base class. The functionality is close to Common Lisp data structures (like libg++). The template syntax is very close to Cfront 3.x and g++ 2.x.

JCOOL's main difference from COOL and GECOOL is that it uses real C++ templates instead of a similar syntax that is preprocessed by a special 'cpp' distributed with COOL and GECOOL.


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Combined object-oriented Language.

An object-oriented language from the ITHACA Esprit project, which combines C-based languages with database technology.
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A family of tools from Sterling Software for modeling and developing enterprise applications for every major hardware platform. Later owned and marketed by Computer Associates (CA), which purchased Sterling Software in 2000, the product line continues to provide business and data modeling for the enterprise. Look for the COOL products under the CA name of "Advantage Developer Series."
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Cool ice compression wraps, designed for protecting bumps, bruises and sprains, are available in various sizes.
INFORMATION Cool Touch pillow, PS40 ( INFORMATION Cool Touch pillow, PS40 (
Whether a metakasting facility uses an open or closed system to cool its furnaces, the water that recirculates through an induction power supply must be a closed system.
They unearthed totally different kinds from hot, sexy, risky and rebellious cool to friendly, successful, trendy and funny cool.
Cool soon becomes the new Zeitgeist permeating every facet of society.
This paper presents an original quantity, found with the help of cooling curves, which measures directly the intensity of cooling, in a temperature range, of a certain point from the interior of a steel probe, formerly heated in austenite domain and then cooled with the help of a certain cooling media.
The air is cooled as it passes over the evaporator coils and leaves through the cool air discharge.
The challenge, which was launched earlier this year at the Metalcon International show, asks suppliers of metal roofing products who are currently using conventional metal coatings, but are interested in converting to cool coatings, to submit samples of their non-cool colors for matching in BASF's Ultra-Cool technology.
As its name implies, beyond just drawing the air away from the seated occupant, this system has two channels, one of which includes blowing cool air generated through the use of a thermal change insert (i.e., a Peltier device, a small ceramic-based solid-state unit that works as a heat pump) so that when the occupant gets into a hot car there is the sensation of cooling.
Cool is cool, and what's cool today is tomorrow's old news.
The Port-a-Cool portable evaporative cooling system helps cool heat problems in environments like a motor pool or arras room.