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a conical roll of thread wound on a spindle



in textile manufacture, a type of yarn package on spinning machines with spindles when the yarn is wound on a bobbin, tube, or the spindle itself. Its shape is conical or, less often, cylindrical; in the latter case the ends may be conical. A cop should be strong and thick and permit easy unwinding of the yarn in an axial direction.


coping of terra-cotta
A protective cap, top, or cover of wall, parapet, pilaster, or chimney; often of stone, terra-cotta, concrete, metal, or wood. May be flat, but commonly sloping, double-beveled, or curved to shed water so as to protect masonry below from penetration of water from above. Most effective if extended beyond wall face and cut with a drip. Also see featheredged coping.


In an embattled parapet, one of the solid alternates between the embrasures. also see battlement.
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In these cases, second-tier investigating officers should consider the incident as unsubstantiated and not classify it as a suicide by cop or attempted suicide by cop.
Karen Danis, technical manager for Knowledge Management and Community Builder at Keyport, has taken the lead in helping Keyport CoPs get started by providing training, structure and guidance.
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While this is what plantation owners (and the white police force) think they are getting in a black slave driver, the actual allegiance of the black cops is elsewhere.
The total increase, without the cop tax, Uber said, is 12.
We would not wish to have any of the participants - criminals, cops, or victims - over for dinner.
Paradoxically, these populist shows are more apt to present policemen as real villains than the more cerebral cop shows.
We are still looking for subject matter experts to become part of the community, so if you are interested in participating, please contact the IT and CCA CoP Community coordinator, Noel Dickover: noel.
Our jobs are full of challenges, but it is the individual beat cops who actually make it work, breathe life into it, and give it real value.
When a criminal throws down the gauntlet, asking a cop not to chase flies in the face of police culture, not to mention society's romantic expectations.
The content that was scattered throughout the former PM CoP has been reorganized under a refreshed scheme that reflects the way the content is presented in the Program Manager's Acquisition Management Courses.
COP sends FBI employees into neighborhoods and schools to work with children as teachers, coaches, and mentors; to represent the Bureau on public occasions; and to help dispel whatever stereotypes may exist about the FBI as an aloof, secretive organization staffed with shadowy, undercover operatives.