Common Object Request Broker Architecture

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Common Object Request Broker Architecture

(standard, programming)
(CORBA) An Object Management Group specification which provides a standard messaging interface between distributed objects.

The original CORBA specification (1.1) has been revised through version 2 (CORBA 2) with the latest specification being version 3 (CORBA 3). In its most basic form CORBA consists of the Interface Definition Language (IDL) and the Dynamic Invocation Interface (DII).

The IDL definition is complied into a Stub (client) and Skeleton (server) component that communicate through an Object Request Broker (ORB). When an ORB determines that a request is to a remote object, it may execute the request by communicating with the remote ORB.

The Corba IDL can be mapped to a number of languages including C, C++, Java, COBOL, Smalltalk, Ada, Lisp, Python, and IDLscript. CORBA ORBs are widely available for a number of platforms. The OMG standard for inter-ORB communication is IIOP, this ensures that all CORBA 2 compliant ORBS are able to interoperate.

Latest version: Corba 3.0.3 2004-03-12, as of 2007-09-04.

See also COSS, Component Object Model, RMI.

OMG CORBA specs.
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Among the most notable, there are CORBA architecture used for optimal interaction between program components within network workstation backup, Volume Shadow Copy used for backing up open files, Rsync for optimizing the network traffic and backup time, and several others.
At this meeting, the PTC initiated work on a standard that will integrate the new protocol SOAP with OMG's CORBA architecture.
The CORBA architecture of SYNERGY allows for rapid integration and use of various data sources.
Supplementing the UML, the MetaObject Facility (MOF) [4] provides a standard repository for metadata within the CORBA architecture.
The CORBA architecture realized in 2AB's robust, multi-threaded implementation enables orb2 to securely and reliably scale to support billions of objects in system integrations.
Extending and maintaining the CORBA architecture, OMG members plan to issue RFPs to start efforts to standardize interworking between CORBA and the Java Messaging Service (JMS), and to update the mapping from OMG IDL to the still-widely-used language C.
The open CORBA architecture Caimis offers is suited for integrating TE Manager modules with third party systems or correlation of various network data on routing, path and traffic performance.
The underlying CORBA architecture of the iPortal Application Server allows for the generation of distributed application architectures that require debugging across multiple VMs.
Volume II took the user inside the CORBA architecture and examined the details of Interface Definition Language (IDL), the ORB Core and Object Adapters.
The Platform Technology Committee (PTC), responsible for the OMG's CORBA infrastructure, voted to adopt a specification for a Fault Tolerant CORBA architecture (orbos/2000-01-19 &orbos/2000-01-23) that standardizes control over fault management, including the management of replicas and automatic switching of services from failing components to replicated components.
The Zero Latency Enterprise architecture demonstration utilized Compaq NonStop(TM) DOM and Compaq NonStop(TM) JORB middleware that conforms to the OMG's CORBA Architecture.
The power and elegance of a state of the art CORBA architecture led us to select e*ORB as a cornerstone of our command architecture.