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(1) (Cost Per Action) The cost to an advertiser for clicking an ad on a website that results in purchasing a product or registering contact information, the latter called "cost per lead" (CPL). See pay-per-click, click-through rate and RPM.

(2) (Computer Press Association, Landing, NJ) An earlier membership organization founded in 1983 that promoted excellence in computer journalism. Its annual awards honored outstanding examples in print, broadcast and electronic media. The CPA disbanded in 2000.
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Here, the CPA also may need the client's permission.
Should the New York State Legislature continue to require that CPA firms be owned only by CPAs?
In his view financial illiteracy threatens the nation's future and is therefore a problem for all CPAs. "We are the right people--the right profession--to complete this important mission," he said.
One of the most often-cited reasons that CPAs have not previously entered into PFP is a lack of technical skills and training.
Also featured is an online "Ask a CPA" question-and-answer service that allows young CPAs to ask a more experienced CPA career-related questions via e-mail.
CPAs can further community policing goals by increasing understanding, trust, and dialogue with members of the community who historically have been at odds with the police.
American Express, for example, is the parent of one of the largest groups of CPA firms in the United States.
Some CPA benefits plan providers or HR consultants say they are pleased with the move away from hourly billing to a fixed-fee environment.
Traditionally, CPAs believe "investment advice" is limited to recommending a client take action on a specific, named security.
CPAs keep the public involved by making them part of the police family.
But unless you hold both a valid CPA certificate and are licensed by your state, you may very well be violating state laws by using the designation in any of these instances.
A neutral accountant performs the same duties in a divorce case that two separate CPAs would: gathering documents and making inquiries of the divorcing husband and wife to determine their income and expenses.