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40%) of the total cells in samples harvested with CPDA-1 and between 0.
The results of the present study indicate promising possibilities to use of CPDA-1 to harvest bone marrow with the aim to isolate mononuclear cells.
One milliliter of CPDA-1 (Jorgenson Laboratories, Loveland, CO, USA) was drawn into a 12-mL syringe with a 20-gauge needle.
005) in whole blood as compared to CPDA-1 RBC and SAGM RBC during storage.
696 respectively for CPDA-1 RBC, SAGM RBC and whole blood respectively, P<0.
concentration of CPDA-1 RBC at haematocrit of 70 per cent at 35 days of storage (permitted shelf life) will be around 70-80 meq/litre.
1 Part One: Blood composition-production CPDA-1 anticoagulant and storage solution
Parameter biochemical and hemogasometric of the total blood stored of dogs in plastic stock markets I contend CPDA-1 and CPD/SAG-M.
O presente trabalho teve como objetivo avaliar e comparar as alteracoes bioquimicas e hemogasometricas do sangue total canino armazenado em bolsas CPDA-1 e CPD/SAG-M durante 41 dias de armazenamento.