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(1) See continuous process improvement.

(2) (Characters Per Inch) The measurement of the density of characters per inch on tape or paper. A printer's CPI button switches character pitch.

(3) (Counts Per Inch) The measurement of the resolution of a mouse/trackball as flywheel notches per inch (horizontal and vertical flywheels rotate as the ball is moved). Notches are converted to cursor movement.

(4) (Common Programming Interface) See SAA and CPI-C.
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One of the primary drivers of the difference in PCE and CPI inflation rates is known as substitution bias.
This evolution of the CPI escalation clause resulted in the following 2 examples which were widely used: (Illustration of standard CPI clause with two choices of limiting clauses.
Not only has CPI itself won new automotive molding business, but in late July, Tier One auto-parts supplier Decoma International in Concord, Ont.
No attempt was made, however, to recompute the television index by applying hedonic regression analysis to the individual television prices collected for the CPI during the 1978-98 period.
While retirees may be directly and immediately affected by a "reformed" CPI, workers may be damaged in more subtle ways.
The commission's report identifies several sources of error in the CPI, all stemming from a central fact: the dynamism of the American economy.
Thus, TEI recommends that CPI be applied as a safe harbor rather than as a mandatory pricing method (or validation process).
Amongst the various CPI components, year-on-year increases in prices were recorded in July 2017 for transport (3.
The distortions created by the weighting system used by the Bureau are the primary reason, considered by many, that the CPI is "made as instructed".