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Because the CPSR is the first certification of its kind to test on employment laws and legal concepts as well as industry best practices, Walters said, LRS Consulting Services made certification for all staff members a priority as soon as TechServe Alliance made program materials available.
Two were licensed social workers with a year and a half of experience supervising CPSR specialists at the study site.
Integrating teaching staff from 16 institutes and departments from Tsinghua University, the CPSR takes pride in its research team: 60 researchers, 31 professors, 20 vice-professors, 9 assistant researchers.
He earned his Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC) designation in 1993 and also holds the designations of CPSR and CISR.
Deborah continues to play a critical role in establishing purchasing policies and procedures to prepare for our company's ISO registration and a CPSR audit.
We're excited to provide an opportunity to host some of the leading experts on privacy at our inaugural gathering," said RTP CPSR Chapter chairperson Christian Stalberg.