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Among 424 children reviewed, 351 children were designated as idiopathic developmental delay since the spectra of 198 children were normal/ near normal (46.8%) and spectra of 153 (36%) children showed mild decreased NAA, mild decreased NAA/ Cr ratio with no other specific findings in MRS to arrive at a specific diagnosis.
Three children with GM1 Gangliosidosis showed decreased NAA peak and decreased NAA/ Cr ratio and elevated Cho/ Cr ratio.
Values for sodium concentration ([[Na.sup.+]]), [[Na.sup.+]] at time of correction, blood urea nitrogen (BUN), creatinine (Cr), BUN: CR ratio, total bilirubin (Tbili), albumin (Alb), international normalized ratio (INR), Model for End-Stage Liver Disease (MELD) score at correction, length of stay (LOS), LOS until correction, and LOS after correction are median (interquartile range).
CR ratio influences the cost of capital significantly and the correlation is positive but low, indicating that together with the growth of CR from 0 to 1 the cost of capital is growing.
The following overall results were obtained: creatinine 1.5 ([+ or -] 0.7) g/L, testosterone 45.4 ([+ or -] 66.1) mcg/L and U-T/ Cr ratio 31.3 ([+ or -] 36.1) mcg/g.
In this way, once the steady-state and a pharmacological response, ranging between the 20-80% of maximal effect, corresponding to the linear portion of the sigmoid dose-effect curve, is reached, we can estimate the methadone optimal dose, required to achieve its "clinical surrogate endpoint", in absence of other confounder factors for U-T/ Cr ratio (e.g.
Zhao and colleagues [41] reported several findings about the NAA/Cr and Cho/Cr ratios: (a) compared with normal controls, the NAA/Cr ratio in patients with OCD was higher in the right caudate nuclei and the left hippocampus but lower in the genu of the corpus callosum; (b) compared to normal controls the Cho/ Cr ratio in Patients with OCD was higher in the right caudate nucleus and the left temporal lobe; (c) among Patients with OCD the duration of illness was negatively correlated with the NAA/Cr ratio in the right prefrontal lobe; and (d) among Patients with OCD the NAA/Cr ratio in the genu of the corpus callosum and the Cho/Cr ratio in the left temporal lobe were negatively correlated with the total score of YBOCS.
The urinary calcium, phosphate, creatinine, and hydroxyproline excretion profiles together with Ca: Cr ratio of shamoperated control group (Group A), bilaterally ovariectomized (Group B), ovariectomized rats supplemented with aqueous BTE (Group C), and ovariectomized rats supplemented with 17[beta]-estradiol (Group D) are shown in Table 3.
It was observed that BTE was effective in reducing ovariectomy induced increase in serum AP and urinary Ca: Cr ratio. Since a rise in AP and Ca : Cr ratio is linked with collagen degradation, bone resorption, and osteoporosis [49], it was presumed that this phytoestrogenic compound (BTE) possibly has effective role in reducing bone loss.
Figure 3 depicts the changes in the CR ratio during development of post-diapause embryos.
(1995) examined CR ratios between different levels of basketball and soccer players and reported no significant differences.
In contrast to the reliability of the Cr ratios, Os isotope ratios are more susceptible to misinterpretations because Os isotope ratios between the earth's mantle and meteorites are practically indistinguishable ([sup.187]Os/[sup.186]Os =1), whereas this ratio is 10 for the crust (Luck and Turekian, 1983).