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(networking, tool)
(Remote copy) The Unix utility for copying files over Ethernet. Rcp is similar to FTP but uses the hosts.equiv user authentication method.

Unix manual page: rcp(1).


Abbr. for “reinforced concrete pipe.”
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Weller (1994) indica que factores dieteticos aparecen como la causa primaria de la diarrea, lo cual coincide con la experiencia en el manejo de Aotus en el CRCP, donde las crias empiezan a probar alimento solido a partir del mes de edad y este cambio de dieta podria estar asociado al trastorno.
When the CRCP went through the legislature, the SSHRC disciplines were defined from the beginning as worthy of contributing to Canada's global research and development to the tune of only 20 percent, compared to 45 percent for the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council and 35 percent for the Canadian Institute for Health Research--even though " disciplines represent more than 50% of faculty in Canadian universities," have the highest teaching loads but the lowest costs for their institutions, and, in hiring trends between 1995 and 2003, constituted "approximately 50% of faculty hired .
Based on the success of the CRCP, the FWS and other partners have provided funds enabling TNC to begin a restoration project on the Conasauga River.
In CPCPs, The heat sinks promote heat transmission between the cold water supplied to the CRCP and the steel panel.
The experimental design incorporated two CRCP sections for comparison.
But for rubblizing CRCP in Wisconsin, Walker was paid 75 cents per sq yd.
This was stated by Mian Abrar Hafeez, Secretary General CRCP, in a press statement, here on Wednesday.
The event was organized at Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI) and attended by the implementing partners and likeminded civil society organizations such as Action Aid, Asia Foundation, Population Council, Human Development Foundation (HDF), Interfaith League Against Poverty (I-LAP), Centre for Peace and Development Initiative (CPDI), The Network for Consumer Protection, Sahil and CRCP.
Source: CRCP telephonic survey of banks, April 3, 2008
Se alimentaron con dieta balanceada procesada en el CRCP y presentada en forma de galletas, con insumos a base de harina de soya, harina de trigo, azucar, aceite, huevos, mani, suplementos vitaminicos, y minerales.
Previous research efforts developed sound mechanistic models that are capable of predicting crack spacing, crack width, and steel stress in CRCP pavements.
Goldfarb, CRCP, founder and chairman of MAGI, is organizing and chairing the Clinical Research Conference - 2009 West.