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11) See, for instance, work by CRESC centred on Enfield: A.
Bentham et al, Manifesto for the Foundational Economy, CRESC Working Paper 131, 2013.
Other important sources of ideas include the work of Richard Murphy, and major contributions from groups such as nef, the New Political Economy Group and CRESC.
Thirdly, as the CRESC researchers note, rebalancing the economy actually needs a smaller investment banking sector.
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Finally Julie Froud, Sukhdev Johal, Mick Moran and Karel Williams of CRESC look at the plight of the ex-industrial regions and, in the absence of any national government strategy, put forward principles for locally based 'guerilla' campaigns for regional redevelopment; and Alan Sitkin reports from Enfield, where some of these principles have been taken up.
The CRESC policy briefing argues that these deep-seated problems won't be solved by firing a few top bankers, prosecuting a few white-collar criminals, or even by conducting an inquiry into the workings of LIBOR, necessary though all these are.
2007) 'The metamorphosis of mass savings into financial capital: financialisation and the cultural economy of funds', in Re-Thinking Cultural Economy, CRESC, University of Manchester.