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Nautical a group of people assigned to a particular job or type of work
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a group of soldiers directly involved in operating a field gun, mortar, machine gun, radio set, or certain other types of combat equipment.

The crew is headed by a gun (mortar or machine gun) commander. The soldiers making up the crew are called by number, and each one performs definite duties. Usually number one is the gunner, number two is the loader, and number three is the carrier. The number of crew members depends on the weapon system.

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The personnel who maintain and operate aircraft. The different types of crew are aircrew, ground crew (aircraft servicing personnel), and cabin crew.
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We hoisted the Union Jack and remained on deck, asking Bradley to go below and assign to each member of the crew his duty, placing one Englishman with a pistol beside each German.
Hasn't ye 'eard that devil's spawn of a capting an' is mates knockin' the bloomin' lights outen 'arf the crew?
"You mean, my man, that the crew contemplates mutiny?" asked Clayton.
All at once he sat down by my side, and leaned forward earnestly at my boat's crew, who, swinging together in a long, easy stroke, kept their eyes fixed upon him faithfully.
Our crew shouted with immense confidence - honest souls!
Borckman and the boat's crew hoisted the mainsail and put the Arangi on her course.
Also, having quarrelled with Clam and broken partnership, Nelson had sailed the Reindeer, his arm in a sling, with a crew of two deep-water sailors, and he had sailed so madly as to frighten them ashore.
And Scotty threw up his job as crew, and departed in the night with a pair of blankets belonging to me.
He had a wounded hand and no crew. I had a burned main sail and no crew.
Calderdale - On May 12 at 2.20am crews attended a house fire on Slade Lane, Rastrick, when the officer in charge was physically attacked by the occupier.
Following six of Ryanair crew members staging a photo showing them sleeping on the airport floor, which went viral on social media, everyone who were responsible for the act were fired by the airline company, citing a breach in contract.
One appliance and crew from Aylesbury and an officer attended.