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see KörösKörös
or Hármas Körös
[Hung.,=triple Körös], Rom. Criş, river, c.345 mi (560 km) long, formed in E Hungary by the junction of three headstreams that rise in Transylvania, NW Romania.
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, river, Romania.
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Whether or not they recognized it at the time, I don't think they had the maturity to realize that what they were doing to me were forms of bullying,' Cris pointed out.
We made notes and passed them on to Cris for her report to the UN.
The CRI Charter and CRI Associate designations, which will continue to be managed by CRIS, are complementary designations to MBA's more specific Commercial Certified Mortgage Banker and Commercial Certified Mortgage Servicer designations.
Cris divulged that she was even bullied in school by classmates because of her lineage.
The RSC will lead the communications component by developing innovative approaches to connecting the CRIS research with stakeholders.
Cris has my friends in Japan and has visited the country several times in the past 25 years.
Cris helped set up a cooperative organisation, the Cilydd tea and coffee consortium with the aim of making the region a market leader.
CRIS is the information system put in place by the European Commission to support the management of external actions.
Like Sedaris, Cris satirizes himself as much as turning the foil to poke fun at others.
Cris has supported the work of the sanctuary for years.
Industrial agent Cris Maxim could have been forgiven for sitting at home licking his wounds after being made redundant in February, but thismonth he and his sister Miriam will set off on a fourweek trip to Nepal.