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/ker'l*f/, sometimes /kru'l*f/ or /C-R-L-F/ A carriage return (CR, ASCII 13) followed by a line feed (LF, ASCII 10). Under Unix influence this usage has become less common because Unix uses just line feed as its line terminator.

See newline, terpri.


(Carriage Return/Line Feed) Two characters that indicate the end-of-line (end-of-paragraph) in Windows and DOS. See line break.
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Carriage return or CrLf received # o registro termina quando o aparelho mandar qualquer um destes sinais.
" crlf crlf "1.Marsat Power Plant" crlf "2.Tiaret Power Plant" crlf "3.Interconnection Station of Oujda" crlf "4.Interconnection Station of Oued-Sly" crlf "5.Quit the program" crlf crlf "Choice: ") (bind ?Answer (read)) (yew (neq ?Answer 5) then (is printout t "Which the voltage of the source of initial power?
Intelligence 3.8 24 Cimplex 3.5 25 Adra 3 26 Bridgeport 3 27 Gerber 3 28 Gibbs 3 29 NCCS 3 30 Surfware 3 31 Sescoi 2.5 32 Camcentre 2 33 Cimlinc 2 34 Cutting Edge 2 35 Fujitsu 2 36 Toolchest 2 37 Weber 2 38 NC Microproducts 1.8 39 Datacut 1.5 40 Spring 1.2 Others(*) 33.7 Total 375 * Others include companies such as Aura Systems, Autotrol, BOBCAD-CAM, CRLF, Graftek, ItalCAD, Missler, NCM Systems, Pam-X, Silma, Solutionware, Tebis, Techsoft, Rapid Output, CG Tech, Progressive Software and Sailor First.
The HTTP requests are labeled as normal or anomalous, and the dataset includes attacks such as SQL injection, buffer overflow, information gathering, files disclosure, CRLF injection, XSS, and parameter tampering.