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(1) (Canadian Standards Association, Toronto, Ontario, www.csa.ca) A standards-defining organization founded in 1919. It is involved in many industries, including electronics, communications and information technology.

(2) (Client Server Architecture) See client/server.

(3) (CallPath Services Architecture) An IBM standard that integrates applications with the telephone system, designed for use with AT&T, Northern Telecom and other PBX vendors.

(4) See carrier serving area.

Canadian Standards Association

In Canada, a membership organization serving industry, educational institutions, and government in the field of standardization, including the standardization of building components, materials, and testing. Also see Construction Specifications Institute Canada.
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482-7(g)(4) states that a change in a participant's interest in a covered intangible occurs when a controlled participant either joins the arrangement or abandons, transfers or otherwise relinquishes some or all interest in covered intangibles under the CSA.
Meanwhile, Undersecretary Denis Villorente of DICT is positive of the government's direction and strategy of migrating to the Cloud, 'We have the technology; with CSA here, we will be able to develop the capacity of people to really leverage on the promise of Cloud and accelerate our ability to put more services online [in the Cloud].
Partnerships tied to wellness programs could help create an important new source of demand for CSA subscriptions.
Hundreds of local Taiwan factories, particularly in the central and south of Taiwan will benefit from this acquisition with better access to the top-ranking testing facilities in CSA Group Taiwan labs, stronger customer support from CSA Group's local and global network of expertise and broader one-stop portfolio offerings, CSA said.
If you're an artist or someone who wants to support artists in your community, CSA deserves your consideration.
Some CSA owners have hosted events for individuals interested in joining.
BCCI says it didn't ask CSA to send its CEO Haroon Lorgat on leave.
Kaul then described the ramifications of Optimus becoming a CSA MTP.
Fifty-four CSA farmers and two CSA organizers, together representing 55 CSAs, agreed to participate in the study and were interviewed.
The hope is for CSA to become a driver for more mixed farming systems throughout Wales.
CSA Software Logistics has one of the best reputations for honesty and integrity in the transportation and freight forwarding software industry, two of many things that attracted Jim Keller and his company to CSA.
If left unchanged, CSA 2010 is one of the worst pieces of legislation to come into the trucking industry, perhaps ever," said Werner Enterprises COO Derek Leathers at the 3PL Summit.