CSK Software

CSK Software

An international software company formed by the merger of Quay Financial Software and Micrognosis, and fully owned by CSK Corporation, Japan.

CSK Software is based in Frankfurt/Main (Germany) with offices in London (UK), Zurich (Switzerland), Madrid (Spain), and Singapore. Products segments are RDD: Real-time data delivery, main product is Slingshot for delivering real-time data over the Internet (real push technology). ETS: Electronic Trading Systems, price calculation and automatic trading (with connections to XONTRO and XETRA). EAI: Enterprise Application Integration, main product is XGen, a universal message converter with GUI and connections also to SWIFT.


E-mail: <info@csksoftware.com>.

Address: CSK Software AG, Opernplatz 2, D-60313 Frankfurt, Germany.

Tel: +49 (69) 509 520. Fax: +49 (69) 5095 2333.
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Earlier, he held sales and account management positions with ResearchSummary, CSK Software and Micrognosis.
NewsEdge Corporation has business partnerships and strategic alliances with Avesta Technologies, BackWeb Technologies, Bloomberg, Capitol Hill Software, CNBC/Dow Jones Business Video, CompassWare Development, CSK Software, DataChannel, Digital Knowledge Assets LLC, Lotus, Microsoft, Midas-Kapiti International, NETCOM, Netscape, Seibel Systems, TIBCO Financial, and Toshiba.
When used in conjunction with QSR's CSK software and the ePic, which is an industrialized ethernet controller that offers complete redundancy as well as an easy-to-use remote configuration and management tool, hospitality businesses of all sizes can effectively automate their kitchen management processes to enhance quality, control costs, and meet productivity goals.
Formed in February, 1998, by the merger of Desktop Data, Individual, and ADP/ISS, NewsEdgits users find the most important, relevant stopassWare Development, CSK Software, DataChannel, Digital Knowledge Assets LLC, Lotus, Microsoft, Midas-Kapitive developments, the success of relationships with third parties, and other risk factors described from time to time in the Company's SEC reports.
In addition to Bank of Montreal and Chase Manhattan Corporation, companies including BackWeb Technologies, Capitol Hill Software, CSK Software, DataChannel, KnowledgeLink Interactive, Inc.
As a charter member of Desktop Data's Alliance Partner Program, CSK Software can facilitate delivery of customized real-time news and business information as an integral and context-sensitive part of +Arena's core application, further leveraging the business value provided to competitive enterprise organizations.
The eight companies in the NewsOBJECTS Beta Program include: Avesta Technologies, Capitol Hill Software, CompassWare Development, CSK Software, DataChannel, Digital Knowledge Assets LLC, Midas-Kapiti International, and TIBCO Financial.
Athena Design is demonstrating Integer during JIBE utilizing a variety of tools from its partners including WebLogic and CSK Software.
CSK Software has integrated NewsOBJECTS into their +Arena Financial workstation, a product that helps financial institutions maintain a focused, cost-effective trading strategy.
As part of the Agreement, CSK Software will use IPC's IXnet global network as the infrastructure to deliver new market data delivery solutions.
Gerry Giblin, currently QFS president and chief operating officer of CSK Micrognosis, will continue as head of the CSK Software organization.