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The CSMP incorporated into the newly concluded MOU, which aims to enhance O&M technologies, will apply to three power plants: the Navoi plant operated by Thermal Power Plants of Uzbekistan (formerly, State Joint Stock Company Uzbekenergo), where MHPS previously supplied equipment; and two plants currently under construction, the Navoi-2 and Turakurgan plants.
As per the agreements, the NMC will provide a bundle of services related to the CSMP, most notably, holding periodic training workshops and awareness sessions about media content and age classification systems, to allow the bookshops that have signed the MoUs to review books and keep them aware of any new terms, conditions, standards and regulatory requirements.
Thus, health professionals must be prepared to offer screening, referral and/or treatment at every opportunity, use evidencebased prescribing practices, and check the CSMP for existing prescriptions.
(2,3) Because of the scale of these post-USSR migration-related trends, in mid-2012 the Russian government approved a new strategic document--the Concept of the State Migration Policy of the Russian Federation until 2025 (the CSMP).
Garrison's teaching both substantively and stylistically reached far beyond the confines of Alabama through his involvement with the Institute for Humane Studies (IHS) as well as Fink's CSMP. Garrison also spent a year as visiting faculty at NYU.
"Our collaboration with CSMP is the most extensive research conducted and I am pleased that our efforts will help to locally and nationally inform practice, procedure and resource allocation in this critical area of police work."
(22.) Existen dos companias que se consideran CSMP espanolas.
The second and third BRDs were composite square-mesh panels (CSMP; Broadhurst and Kennelly[1996]) with 90- or 75-mm mesh, respectively, hung from the bar in the main escape panels and were inserted into the conventional 41/150 and 41/100 codends.
The best place to document these deficiencies is in the Current Ship's Maintenance Project (CSMP).
Panasonic Corporate System Manager Pro (CSMP) above store management software incorporates state-of-the-art communication capabilities, comprehensive data editing capabilities and a Web-based option for editing menu items, prices, coupons, and tax files.
Developed in 2003, the MFOM was established to measure the importance of maintenance jobs by using a numerical scale of 0-100 and providing a priority-ranked Consolidated Ship's Maintenance Plan (CSMP).