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Stella Major, Associate Professor of Family Medicine in Clinical Medicine, and Director of the CSSL said: "This course was a continuation of our efforts to provide education for simulation educators in Qatar.
CSSL is a leading professional body of Information Communication Technology (ICT) in Sri Lanka and is a member of the South East Asia Regional Computer Confederation (SEARCC ) and International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP).
Walmart's spokesperson told M AIL T ODAY , " We are in compliance with India's FDI guidelines, and as we have stated, we have cooperated with the government during this process." RBI has asked the ED to further probe whether investment by CSSL in BRL is violation of FDI rules.
El presente trabajo trata sobre una investigacion aplicada que se realizo en el Complejo Sanitario San Luis (CSSL) como parte del plan de tesis doctoral (1) de quien escribe, siendo becario de investigacion dentro del proyecto 41-9505 de la Facultad de Ciencias Humanas, financiado por la Secretaria de Ciencia y Tecnica de la Universidad Nacional de San Luis.
[[PI].sub.m,I] e o lucro ou resultado no mes m, serie i [P.sub.v] e o preco contratado de venda PL[D.sub.mj] e o PLD no mes m, serie i [Econt.sub.m] e a energia contratada no mes m IR sao os impostos incidentes (IRPJ, CSSL, PIS, CONFINS)
Later, in 1967, the CSSL (Continuous System Simulation Language) report was developed and was regarded as a main milestone because it unified the concepts and language structures of the available simulation programs at that time.
(9) Os juros do endividamento podem ser deduzidos da base de calculo de IR e CSSL, de modo que o "governo" suporta esses custos.
A highlight of the eight-day trip was a visit to WCM-Q's Clinical Skills and Simulation Center (CSSL), one of the most technically advanced learning centres of its kind in the Middle East.
The one-day symposium, hosted and coordinated by the WCM-Q Clinical Skills and Simulation Lab (CSSL) team, offered a series of six practical workshops, a lecture on life-long learning that emphasized the role of debriefing, and two panel presentations in which the presenters discussed the current state of simulation-based education in Qatar.
Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar (WCM-Q) has launched its modernised Clinical Skills and Simulation Lab (CSSL).
En este orden de ideas, es importante destacar que los articulos 41 y 46 de la LOPCYMAT, establecen respectivamente, la obligatoriedad de elegir Delegados de Prevencion y conformar el Comite de Seguridad y Salud Laboral (CSSL); reconocidos estos conjuntamente con los Servicios de Seguridad y Salud en el Trabajo (SSST), como los organismos directamente vinculados a la promocion y vigilancia de la seguridad y salud en el trabajo.
3) Deferred Tax Assets (DTA): deferred tax assets of the financial institution, referring to IRPJ and CSSL. Therefore, it does not include credits referring to other types of taxes;