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Stella Major, Associate Professor and Director of the CSSL, said: "The new Clinical Skills and Simulation Lab really offers learners at WCM-Q the opportunity to benefit from state-of-the-art facilities during their medical training.
En el CSSL los medicos residentes hacen 90 horas semanales aproximadamente, es decir mas de la mitad de horas que tiene una semana (168 hs.
Foi considerado IRPJ + CSSL igual a 34% (lucro real) e PIS+COFINS igual a 9,25% pelo sistema nao cumulativo, ou seja, pela margem.
1 billion of federal VAT IPI ('Impostos sobre Produtos Industrializados'), to be paid in 12 monthly installments beginning in November 2009; and BRL795 million of Social Contribution over net income CSSL ('Contribuicao Social sobre lucro liquido'), to be paid in 180 monthly installments also beginning in November 2009.
ACS president Dr Nick Tate and CSSL president Mahesh Perera signed the agreement at the conclusion of the South East Asia Regional Computer Confederation in conjunction with the ACS's Young IT Professionals Conference in Sydney from October 8 to 10.
New to the CSSL product offering is the Kinedyne range of cargo control systems.
Clough was also co-founder and managing director of the CSSL Group, a mid-range software distributor and hardware reseller.
Before his tenure at Maximizer, Hung served as COO at Powerlan Limited, where he was instrumental in the initial merger of CSSL Group and Powerlan.
He was a co-founder and managing director of the CSSL Group, one of the largest mid-range application software distributors and hardware resellers in Asia and Australasia.
Based on the Society for Computer Simulation's CSSL standard, ACSL is widely regarded as the standard software environment for modelling dynamic systems in industries such as aerospace, automotive, chemical processing, power design, agricultural and pharmaceutical research.