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Earlier, like other public hospitals of Punjab, public hospitals in Okara provided the facility of free CT Scan, X-ray, and blood tests.
"Not only the CT scan machine but the MRI machine has also been non-functional for the last seven months," a patient said.
After taking informed consent and relevant history, all the subjects underwent pre-contrast and contrast-enhanced abdominal CT scan using a multi-slice spiral CT device.
The installation of the CT scan makes Busia the 14th county to acquire the latest model.
Due to untiring efforts of Board of Governors for making the institution one of the best and equipped with state of the art technology for the best interest of patient care as well as post graduate trainees, they approved the latest CT Scan 160 slice whole body model aquilion-Prime, make Toshiba ( a canon group company) Country of origin and manufacturer is Japan.
CT scan is an important investigating tool in the ED in establishing a particular diagnosis or otherwise helping a physician to exclude one.
According to sources in the SZMCH radiology department, the CT scan machine had been installed at the end of 2006.
The Medical Board conducted CT Scan of chest, stomach and navel and various other tests.
The demonstrators carried placards which read, 'Korle Bu CT scan not working', ' Save Korle Bu, get CT scan', 'Value life!', 'Let's stop, no bed syndrome', 'Stop plastic chairs services', and 'A Teaching Hospital without CT scan?'.
The aim of the study is to assess the outcome of addition of non-contrast MRI scan brain with specific sequences (GRE, SWI, TOF Angiogram & TOF Venogram sequences) when compared to plain non-contrast CT scan brain at initial emergency work up in evaluation of Intra cerebral haemorrhage.