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Yet about 30 percent of cardiac catheterizations performed in patients with stable coronary artery disease show evidence of a chronic total occlusion (CTO).
To further understand the attributes today's innovation leaders need, we examined recent perspectives from employees, thought leaders, CTOs, and senior innovation leaders.
The powers of CTOs are generally similar despite often very different descriptions and legal structures.
CTOs are defined as arteries that have been occluded for three months or more, though usually there is no real way to tell how long the occlusion has existed.
As a result, the firm will gain a leading position in CTO technologies across the cardiovascular system, with its line-up also including the TruePath CTO Device and the investigational OffRoad CTO Device, Boston Scientific's CEO, Hank Kucheman, noted.
The CTO Telecom Summit is an opportunity for CTOs and technology executives to discuss how the mobile transformation is currently affecting the telecom industry, and how executives can position their companies to take advantage of current changes and trends.
During consultations on Bill 31, the Advocate was supportive of the introduction of CTOs, viewing them as a way to support recovery from mental illness.
Scott Donaldson, CTO of SAIC's Health, Energy and Civil Solutions Group and one of the co-authors of CTOs at Work, said, 'We selected CTOs that excel in envisioning, developing and applying innovative technology that directly contributes to the success of their companies.
A BCUHB spokesman said: "Contrary to Ms Hughes' statement, the health board fully supports Mental Health Community Treatment Orders where appropriate and currently has 68 clients on CTOs throughout North Wales."
Nader Mherabi, CTO and vice president for IT product solutions at the 602-bed NYU Langone Medical Center in New York, feels that CTOs can offer healthcare organizations the ability to standardize enterprise architecture and focus on integration at the enterprise-level.
Wyman highlighted a 77% overall effectiveness of the BridgePoint chronic total occlusion (CTO) recanalisation system in patients that were refractory to the current standard of care.