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Founded in 2004 and privately owned, CTR employs 60 staff operating from two sites in Milano and Sammichele di Bari each hosting a radiography bunker as well as a client implant in Vibovalenzia.
The Nunn-Lugar CTR program now operates in over 40 countries worldwide.
In Nigeria, the carrier will install CTR 8540 microwave routers and STR microwave radios while leveraging WTM microwave radios on multiple routes for mobile backhaul--backed by Aviat installation and Maintenance Level Agreement (MLA) services.
HD and CTR depend upon the built of the chest of the individual, which intern depends on the different values of the body habitus as in a certain locality where a mixed population of different racial groups exist, we perform the study to delineate out of HD and CTR which one is least affected by the body habitus.
Conclusion: Modified CTR and primary IOL implantation in the capsular bag gives good visual outcome with no serious complications.
CTR is proud to be offering the PowerSight line of Power Monitors, Power Quality Analyzers, and Power Loggers for sale and short term rental.
Realizou-se a analise estatistica descritiva e por inferencia determinando-se a media dos indices de conforto termico (ITGU, CTR e THI), para cada um dos horarios avaliados, referente a todo o periodo de analise, com as repeticoes sendo o numero de dias do experimento.
One of the characteristics that most differentiates CTR is that much of out editorial content consists of articles contributed by the storage vendors themselves.
One of the first applications for Denso CTR has been carried out for the Highway Maintenance (Structures) department of Cardiff City Council by local contractors Port Painters Ltd.
Section 1303 prohibits the expenditure, or obligation of FY200l CTR funding or funding appropriated in any other fiscal year for CTR for the elimination of conventional weapons or the delivery vehicles primarily intended to deliver such weapons.
CTR awards peer-reviewed grants and assures recipients they will receive full scientific independence.
To illustrate how the law is applied, a local convenience store is subject to the CTR reporting requirement if someone obtains money orders at the store in exchange for $10,001 in cash.