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(1) (APPlication) The file extension for executable Mac applications. See APP file.

(2) (APPlication) The term has been shorthand for "application" in the IT community for a long time. However, it became popular with the consumer for mobile applications after Apple debuted the iPhone in 2008. Application and app are synonymous, and it is just as correct to say "iPhone application" as it is "desktop computer app." App is shorter, and computer people love to abbreviate (see TLA). See application and online app store.

(3) (APPlication) In the engineering world, an app can refer to a circuit design, using the word "application" in the context of purpose. For example, "high-voltage apps" means high-voltage circuit designs. The term predates mobile software apps by decades.

Apps Are Everywhere
After installing a new smart TV, as in this Samsung 4K TV example in 2016, users have the option of downloading apps from Netflix, Amazon and other content providers.

We Do Mean "Everywhere"
For decades the word "apps" has been shorthand for "appetizers" and still is.
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The citizen, voting-age population (CVAP) is another of the population that resides in a jurisdiction, but it is larger than the number of registered voters, since not every person that is eligible to vote, by virtue of the fact that they are citizens and eighteen years of age or older, does in fact register to vote.
(5) A shift from total population to eligible voters or CVAP (6)
While these proportions would be different if the baseline was the citizen voting-age population (CVAP), according to an analysis by political scientist Theodore Arrington, Hispanic voter registration lags behind Hispanic CVAP.
For their outstanding efforts to support the Clean Vessel Assistance Program's (CVAP) mission to improve the quality of New York's waterways, the town of Huntington on Long Island and the Coxsackie Yacht Club received awards in August.
For the salmon: Lightly season salmon with Aleppo pepper and salt, Place in a nonreactive pan with buffer and cook In steamer, combi oven, or CVAP at 150 degrees for 8 minutes, turning every 2 minutes.
The "CVAP" requirement has its biggest bite in cases involving Latinos, whose population is both younger and more likely to contain recent noncitizen immigrants than other groups.
We have a chapter on modern ovens, combi-ovens, CVap [R] and microwaves.
district with a 25% Latino citizen voting age population (CVAP) and a