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(particle physics)
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(1) (Card Security Code) A three-digit or four-digit number printed on the front or back of credit cards for security purposes. Called "Card Verification Value" (CVV) by Visa, "Card Validation Code" (CVC) by MasterCard and "Card Identification (CID) by American Express and Discover, the number is requested by merchants to ensure that people actually have the card in their possession. The CSC is also written into the magnetic stripe.

(2) (Common Short Codes) See short code.

(3) (Compact System Camera) See mirrorless camera.
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Weber, Raibulet, and Bauke (2016) have documented the economic rent generation process that occurs between CVC units and portfolio companies, but their study did not define the corporate value-adding services involved.
The primary goal was to develop a transferable and integrative configuration model of the value-adding services offered by CVC units.
The study sample included 26 CVC units maintained by firms of varying size, strategic focus, and industry; the aim was to engage with a broad sample in order to increase the generalizability of the findings.
"Having examined the contents of the CVC report, it is my considered opinion that Alok Verma be allowed to explain himself before this Committee, along with the charges made against him, prior to any decision being taken," the note further read.
According to sources, the CVC found evidence of influencing of investigation in the Moin Qureshi case.
The CVC was of the view that Verma's conduct in the case was "suspicious," and there was a "prima facie case" against him.
The court turned down Special CBI Director Rakesh Asthana's request that the CVC report be provided to him as well.
There were 212 patients (73.1%) with a CVC in place on the day of incident candidemia (182 non-tunneled and 30 tunneled CVCs).
The 30-day mortality rate of the entire cohort was 57.9% and was highest among patients whose CVC was kept in place (93.8%) as compared to the early and late removal groups (55.7% and 40.0%, respectively).
parapsilosis and CVC removal at any time were protective, but early removal was not (p = 0.07).
^ (v) R 6.1.3) En pacientes en los que no sea posible realizar una FAVn se recomienda la realizacion de una FAVp antes que la colocacion de un CVC.
R 6.1.4) Se sugiere la utilizacion de un CVC como AV en algunas circunstancias especiales: esperanza de vida inferior a 6 meses, estado cardiovascular que contraindique la realizacion de una FAV, trasplante renal de donante vivo y deseo expreso del paciente.