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Construction Specifications Canada (CSC)

A nonprofit organization devoted to the standardization of construction documents in Canada; used in both the private and public sectors. The MasterFormat has been adopted as the basis for a numbering and titling system for the Canadian National Master Specification (NMS). Head office: 120 Carlton St., Toronto ON M5A 4K2, Canada.


(1) (Card Security Code) A three-digit or four-digit number printed on the front or back of credit cards for security purposes. Called "Card Verification Value" (CVV) by Visa, "Card Validation Code" (CVC) by MasterCard and "Card Identification (CID) by American Express and Discover, the number is requested by merchants to ensure that people actually have the card in their possession. The CSC is also written into the magnetic stripe.

(2) (Common Short Codes) See short code.

(3) (Compact System Camera) See mirrorless camera.
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NET, and offers support for Address Verification Services (AVS), Retail AVS, CVV2 and CVC2, thereby minimizing fraud due to stolen or fraudulent cards.
Industry-leading security features will also continue to include UV printing, a tamper-evident signature panel, and indent printing of the last 4 digits of the account number plus CVC2 codes.
payment processors can now use Discover CID, in addition to Visa CVV2, MasterCard CVC2 and American Express CID, for fraud detection.