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Construction Specifications Canada (CSC)

A nonprofit organization devoted to the standardization of construction documents in Canada; used in both the private and public sectors. The MasterFormat has been adopted as the basis for a numbering and titling system for the Canadian National Master Specification (NMS). Head office: 120 Carlton St., Toronto ON M5A 4K2, Canada.


(1) (Card Security Code) A three-digit or four-digit number printed on the front or back of credit cards for security purposes. Called "Card Verification Value" (CVV) by Visa, "Card Validation Code" (CVC) by MasterCard and "Card Identification (CID) by American Express and Discover, the number is requested by merchants to ensure that people actually have the card in their possession. The CSC is also written into the magnetic stripe.

(2) (Common Short Codes) See short code.

(3) (Compact System Camera) See mirrorless camera.
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These analyses incorporated the sequences for MAGV, CVV, TLAV, PLAV, and FSV determined in this study and additional representative orthobunya virus sequences available in Gen Bank (online Technical Appendix Table 2).
We wanted to release another charity record as a close friend with sight loss became ill and it really hammered home the vital need for charities like CVV.
CVV codes can't be stored with a simple magnetic swipe of a credit card, and the businesses that process payments are not allowed to store the codes after a transaction, so they provide another defense against fraud.
Por acometer milhoes de mulheres anualmente, determinando grande desconforto, interferindo nas relacoes sexuais e afetivas e prejudicando o desempenho laboral, a CVV tem sido considerada um importante problema de saude publica mundial (SOBEL, 2007).
So, now since this person knows my CVV number and has seen the details on my card, isn't it possible for him to make online transactions if he wants?
The data in the figure is limited to disyllabic words since there were relatively few tokens of trisyllabic words containing lengthened consonants before a CVV second syllable (7 beginning with CV syllables and 4 with CVC syllables).
This new technique enables cyber criminals to harvest details of the 3 digit CVV (Card Verification Value) security code, expiry date and other essential ID information in addition to the customer's card and account numbers.
La espectroscopia Auger CVV (Almbladh & Morales, 1989, y referencias alli citadas), Coraza-Valencia-Valencia, mide la energia de los electrones de valencia Auger que son emitidos de los solidos.
This includes full credit card number, PIN, expiry date, and even the CVV code--the three-digit personal security code primed on the back of cards.
The CVV code is also not recorded in the magnetic stripe of the card, which provides protection from skimmers.
Consolation bets of a pounds 20 double on the Lincoln and Grand National were offered to 90,000 disappointed share applicants by William Hill after parent company Nomura scrapped flotation plans and sold the betting firm to CVV and Cinven.
Contactless cards are issued a one-time CVV number for authorizing transactions.