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Flexibility and mobility come into play in this growing trend, Ngan says, pointing to mature markets where CYOD is prevalent.
Enterprise mobility turns to CYOD as BYOD strategy dies
Even with the reduced set of options provided by a CYOD approach, the challenges are formidable and help may be required to deal with the increased complexity.
Garewal adds: "While CYOD means the company must ultimately foot the bill for the device overhead and support, the level of control and assured visibility vastly simplifies issues around privacy and security.
The popularity of BYOD and CYOD programmes among businesses will increase the use of virtualised environments to support them and also lead to more data recovery requests.
BYOD is still approached with much caution however, and whether this boils down to security concerns, privacy laws or simple differences in culture, a Choose Your Own Device (CYOD) policy could well be a more effective course of action for businesses in the Middle East.
Adoption of cloud services, BYOD, CYOD, and mobility adoption trend is increasing.
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It is important to perform a network site survey before installing any access points to guarantee 100% wireless coverage of the entire facility." Then there's bandwidth, the demand of which is growing alongside BYOD and CYOD implementations in the Middle East.
What we are seeing is a trend towards a CYOD model - choose your own