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A sparse, stunted forest in areas of little rainfall in northeastern Brazil; trees are leafless in the dry season.



a tropical deciduous vegetation growing sparselyin the forests of northeastern Brazil. The constant arid conditions, interrupted by short rains, favor mainly the growth ofscrubs, medium-height trees, and shrubs. The caatinga is charac-terized by bottle trees, thorny trees, and leaf succulents (sunspurges and cacti) and cauline succulents.

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This equality resonates with distinct tones as the narrative advances, for the caatinga viciously attacks the Republican troops assigned to fight in the sertao.
This exclusion comes to be significant when thinking of the caatinga as a metaphor for the jagunco, which I will explicate in a moment.
Poetic language employed to depict the negative, violent, and abhorrent suggests an intrinsic respect for said negativity: if the caatinga and the jagunco are one and the same, does da Cunha in fact respect the primitive prowess of the Brazilian land and man?
Environmental perception and ethnozoology concepts were used in this study to analyze the use of fauna native to the Rio Grande do Norte Caatinga by communities around the Serido Ecological Station.
The Serido Ecological Station (Serido ESEC) is located in Serra Negra do Norte, Rio Grande do Norte State, in a Caatinga area of 1,166.
It is the object of studies on biodiversity, geographic distribution and characterization of the main plant standards in the Serido Caatinga in Rio Grande do Norte State, Brazil.
Fabaceae) in areas of Caatinga in the state of Paraiba, Brazil.
juliflora sobre a fitodiversidade e a estrutura do estrato arbustivoarboreo em areas de Caatinga, no Estado da Paraiba, bem como orientar acoes conservacionistas voltadas para o controle da especie invasora, subsidiando a busca de solucoes para este grave problema socioambiental, que ja ameaca o bioma caatinga.
juliflora sobre a vegetacao arbustivo-arborea autoctone da caatinga, foram amostrados ambientes invadidos pela especie (Ambientes I e III) e remanescentes adjacentes de caatinga que pudessem expressar a diversidade floristica da vegetacao regional nao-invadida (Ambientes II e IV).
A possibility is that by the end of the reproductive season, newly-born juvenile birds move from the Caatinga to the coast and stay there beyond their first year, until they are sexually mature to breed.
Changing the course of biodiversity conservation in the Caatinga of northeastern Brazil.
mangle are more than twice as numerous as Caatinga records, two of three known instances of breeding activity of A.