Caballero Calderón, Eduardo

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Caballero Calderón, Eduardo


Born Mar. 6, 1910, in Bogotá. Colombian author and journalist.

Since 1939, Caballero Calderón has headed the literary section of the newspaper El Tiempo. From 1946 to 1948 he held diplomatic posts. He made his literary debut in 1936 with the book of essays Underground Paths. He later wrote historical and philosophical essays and books on the landscape and people of Colombia. His novel The Art of Living Without Dreams (1943) is about the Colombian intelligentsia. The novel The Good Savage (1966) deals with a Latin American student in Paris. In the novels The Rejected Christopher (1952) and The Landless Slave (1954), Caballero Calderón realistically described the life of the Colombian peasantry.


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In Russian translation:
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