Cable Box

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Cable Box


a device for mechanical and electrical connection of cables in a cable line; it is also used to connect a cable line to electrical installations and transmission lines. Cable boxes can be classified as connector, branch, and terminal (joining) types. The design and fittings of cable boxes depend on the intended uses operating conditions, and the type of cable.

The simplest kind of cable box is used for voltages up to 1 kilovolt (kV) and consists of a cast-iron housing or conical steel funnel filled with a bituminous substance that serves as insulation between the joined cables and the grounded walls of the box. Injection-molded cable boxes made from epoxy compounds are promising, since they simplify construction and installation significantly and reduce the weight and overall dimensions of the box.

Connector cable boxes for 6-35 kV are enclosed in watertight lead housings (up to 10 kV) or brass housings (up to 35 kV). For underground cable runs, cable boxes are placed in cast-iron casings. Plugged cable boxes (a variety of connector boxes) are used to prevent shifting of the impregnating compound in inclined sections of cable run. Connector, branch, and terminal boxes for voltages of 110-500 kV are very complex electrical units; they may be as long as 2.5 to 6 m and may have a diameter of up to 0.6 m.


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