Amilcar Cabral

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Cabral, Amilcar


(pseudonym, Abel Djassi). Born Sept. 12, 1924, in Guinea (Bissau); died Jan. 20, 1973, in Conakry. Leader in the national liberation movement of Guinea (Bissau) and the Cape Verde Islands.

Cabral graduated from a lycée in Sāo Vicente (Cape Verde Islands) and an agronomy institute in Lisbon. He was one of the founders (1956) and general secretary of the African Party for the Independence of Guinea and the Cape Verde Islands, which since January 1963 has led the armed struggle against the Portuguese colonialists. He wrote many works on the national liberation movement. An honorary doctor of the African Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1971), he was active in the movement for solidarity among the countries of Asia and Africa. He was treacherously murdered by agents of the colonialists.


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