Cadent House

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Cadent House

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

The houses of an astrological chart are classified into three groups of four: angular houses (the first, fourth, seventh, and tenth), succedent houses (the second, fifth, eighth, and eleventh), and cadent houses (the third, sixth, ninth, and twelfth). Traditionally, the cadent houses have been referred to as the mental houses, although this ascription applies best to the third house and the ninth house (the houses of the “lower” and “higher” mind). In classical astrology, cadent houses were regarded as the least powerful houses in which planets could be positioned, while angular houses were the most powerful. Modern astrologers, however, tend to think that planets placed in the angular houses have the most influence on the outer, surface aspects of a person’s life, and planets placed in the cadent houses have the most impact on one’s inner life. Planets located in succedent houses mediate inner and outer lives.


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