Cadmium Plating

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Cadmium Plating


the process by which cadmium is applied to the surface of steel articles by the method of electrodepo-sition to form protective coatings against atmospheric corrosion. The coating thickness usually varies from 15 to 25 jam. The most important parts of aircraft and ships, as well as products to be used under tropical conditions, are plated with cadmium. The presence of sulfur dioxide in the atmosphere (which is characteristic of industrial areas) lowers the corrosion protection properties of cadmium coatings. In this case, the desired resistance of articles to corrosion is achieved through zinc plating. The electrolytes used in cadmium plating usually contain simple salts of cadium with admixtures of colloids (gelatin or glue), which give quite satisfactory coatings. Complex cadmium salts, mostly cyanides, are used for coating objects having complex configurations.

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cadmium plating

An electroplating which provides a corrosion-resistant coating on metal.
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Cadmium plating is still frequently applied in the aerospace and defence sectors, this is both for new parts which have been damaged in production and for repair of in-service parts which have suffered damage through operations.
Mainly CdO is used in Cadmium plating baths, electrodes for storage batteries, Cadmium salts, Etc.
It will mainly cater to processes such as Tartaric Sulphuric Acid anodizing and Cadmium plating for the aerospace OE
Cadmium plating is used on nuts, bolts, washers, hoist rings, tiedown bolts, flexible cable conduits, fasteners and connectors to prevent corrosion from ruining them.
Among its flagship offerings are high velocity oxy fuel (HVOF), anodize/hard anodize, paint, chrome plating, shot peen and cadmium plating.Country: USASector: Aerospace/DefenceTarget: Embee IncBuyer: Triumph Group IncType: Corporate acquisitionStatus: Closed
Flexloc self-locking locknuts with zinc plating are for use in applications where cadmium plating is not acceptable.
You should know the difference between tensile and shear strength and cadmium plating vice stainless steel.
The company carries out work including cadmium plating at its site.
Usage of 12 coating types -heat treatments, engineering paints, vitreous enamelling, powder coating, zinc coating, tinplate, electroplating, cadmium plating, anodizing, pre and post treatments, PVD/CVD techniques, hard facing/thermal spraying--is analysed across aerospace, automotive, construction, consumer retail, electrical consumer, electronics and IT hardware and other engineering sectors.