Caesar's ghost

Caesar’s ghost

warns Brutus that he and Caesar will meet, again at Phillipi. [Br. Lit.: Shakespeare Julius Caesar]
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I hopped in, and shook off the towel, and, GREAT CAESAR'S GHOST!"
"Caesar's ghost!" commented Tom, with astonishment.
Jennings, 42, is one of the founders of a company that produces metal boxes that " Great Caesar's ghost! " provide privacy in open offices.
Highlights include The Red Knight from Morte d'Arthur in 2010, his armour formed over plaster and fibreglass and Julius Caesar's ghost from 2009 where blood-soaked stab wounds had to match up with other costumes.
6Themes of Shakesperean deception and betrayal are signaled by the episode's title (a line from "The Merchant of Venice") and two references to Julius Caesar: One about a knife in your back, and another 6 "Great Caesar's ghost" 6 which is also a timely reference to Superman: This was a catchphrase of Perry White's, the Daily Planet's editor-in-chief.
Better than Caesar, his Brutus lives up to the analogy of being as steady as the "northern star." The appearance of Caesar's ghost later in the scene rattled him, however.
The emotional heart of the play's battle-weary second half was also affecting, in Troughton's scenes with the lean and hungry Cassius (John Mackay), his transparent turmoil and then his death, cleverly done here at the vengeful hands of Caesar's ghost.
In the final scene, for example, the ghost appeared, clutching the hand of the soldier who steadied the sword upon which Brutus impaled himself; and, in the last moment of the play, it was Caesar's ghost who offered the crown to a reluctant Octavius.
Great Caesar's ghost! What prices you place on these modern wonders.
The speaker proves to be Caesar's ghost, who requests from the playwright a better replica than the classic three words assigned to him.
The night before the battle Caesar's ghost appeared to Brutus in his tent and announced that they would meet at Philippi.