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caesarean section:

see cesarean sectioncesarean section
, delivery of an infant by surgical removal from the uterus through an abdominal incision. The operation is of ancient origin: indeed, the name derives from the legend that Julius Caesar was born in this fashion. Until advancements in the late 19th cent.
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Caesarean section

surgical incision through the abdominal and uterine walls in order to deliver a baby
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According to National Family and Health Survey (NFHS 4) released in 2015-16, the percentage of births by caesarean section in private health facilities in Delhi was 42.
According to different studies, it has been seen that the development of placenta previa is associated with previous caesarean sections with a frequency of 3%-10%.
The number of births by caesarean section accounted for 42.
Outcome after a high number (4-10) of repeated caesarean sections.
The total number of caesarean sections and their individual indications were noted.
Non-governmental organisation Birth Forward said only one in three women in Cyprus choose a natural birth, meaning the country has the highest number of caesarean sections in the world.
In current study 78% emergency caesarean sections were done in patients who were unbooked and 22% of emergency caesarean sections were done in booked patients.
in 1990/91, just over 12% of deliveries were by Caesarean section.
Since 1985, the international healthcare community has considered the ideal rate" for caesarean sections to be between 10% and 15%.
Caesarean sections are effective in saving maternal and infant lives, but only when they are required for medically indicated reasons.
Meanwhile, due to their increased cost, high rates of unnecessary caesarean sections can pull resources away from other services in overloaded and weak health systems.