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["Job Control Languages: MAXIMOP and CAFE", J. Brandon, Proc BCS Symp on Job Control Languages--Past Present and Future, NCC, Manchester, England 1974].


(1) See Internet cafe.

(2) A Java development package for Windows and the Macintosh from Symantec. It was Symantec's first development environment for Java, which was superseded by Visual Cafe. See Visual Cafe.
References in classic literature ?
But Tarzan did not leave the cafe as she had urged.
For another half hour nothing unusual occurred, then a surly-looking Arab entered the cafe from the street.
Most of the ordinary clients of the cafe didn't even look up from their games or papers.
As he passed along the glazed side of the cafe, on reaching the street, he saw the old man motioning the waiter, with a melancholy gesture, to replenish his glass.
I permitted you to go once, as a concession, to the Cafe d'Harcourt; but once is enough.
In the clatter and bustle of Bredin's Parisian Cafe she appeared out of place, like a cow in a boiler-factory.
Otherwise the cafe seemed empty, except for one soldier drinking coffee at one table, and at another a large man drinking a small syrup and a priest drinking nothing.
"Do you ask why he goes to a cafe at the corner of the rue Dauphine and the quai des Augustins?
The cafe in question was only a hundred paces away; so, when coffee had been brought, we seated ourselves, and I lit a cigarette.
They were at that moment close to the famous cafe known as 'Florian's.' 'Take me in there,' she said;
To enter the little Cafe in the cul-de-sac Le Febvre was, at the period of our tale, to enter the sanctum of a man of genius.
When they arrived at the cafe Lawson told Philip that they would have to go in.