Gaius Flaminius

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Flaminius, Gaius


Died 217 B.C. Roman political figure. Tribune of the people (232), censor (220), and consul (223 and 218).

Flaminius passed a number of laws that furthered the democratization of Roman society, including the law of 232 on the distribution among the plebeians of the Gallic lands conquered in 285 and the law of 220 on the assignment of freedmen to four municipal tribes. He was also famous for his extensive construction work, including the Circus Flaminius in Rome and the Via Flaminia, which linked Rome with the Adriatic coast of Italy. In 223 B.C., Flaminius waged a successful war in Gaul against the Insubres. Flaminius was killed along with a great part of his army during the Second Punic War in a battle at Lake Trasimene.