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Cajamarca (kähämärˈkä), city, capital of Cajamarca prov., N Peru. An important commercial center, Cajamarca is situated at an altitude of c.9,000 ft (2,740 m) and has a cool, dry climate. Most of the population is indigenous. Grains and alfalfa as well as dairy cattle are raised in the region, and gold, silver, and copper come from nearby mines. Textiles, headwear, and leather products are manufactured. Francisco Pizarro captured the Inca ruler Atahualpa in 1532 at Cajamarca. Inca ruins and nearby thermal springs attract many tourists. National Technical Univ. is located in Cajamarca.
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a city in northern Peru. Population, approximately 40, 000. Located on the slopes of the Cordillera Occidental mountain range, at an elevation of more than 2, 800 m.

Cajamarca is a highway junction and the trading center of an agricultural region (sugarcane, cotton, tobacco, rice, dairy cattle-breeding). It has enterprises producing powdered milk, butter, cheese, and leather goods and is a center for the production of handmade straw hats.

Cajamarca was one of the important cities of the Inca empire until the beginning of the 16th century. It was under Spanish rule from the 16th to the 19th century. The architecture of Cajamarca flourished in the first half of the 18th century. The rich deep carvings, resembling a plush carpet, give a special magnificence to Cajamarca’s churches (the cathedral of Santa Catalina, 1682-1762; San Antonio, 1699-1737; and El Belen, 1699-1746). The two-story clay houses have tile roofs that project outward a great distance and portals with carved pilasters and pediments.


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De este analisis (Matriz 4), se concluye que en el sitio prioritario No 11: jalea de Cajamarca, Celendin y San Pablo, los SE priorizados son: el agua, los recursos medicinales, mantenimiento de la diversidad genetica, regulacion de flujos de agua, y los valores espirituales y religiosos; sobre los cuales se han de adoptar medidas urgentes para su uso adecuado y sostenible.
La zona de estudio (ver Figura 1) se circunscribe al Municipio de Cajamarca, situado en la Cordillera Central, centro-occidente del Departamento del Tolima Colombia.
Como resultado de la revision de las colecciones efectuadas para este Proyecto, procedentes de la Cordillera subandina de Huarango (provincia San Ignacio, departamento Cajamarca) una prolongacion surena del Condor y rica en especies, se ha encontrado un taxon no listado hasta el presente para la flora del Peru: Maxillaria jostii Dodson (Orchidaceae).
Una agregacion de guarangas conformaba los senorios, reinos o confederaciones nortenas como Huaylas, Recuay, Jauja, Tarma o Cajamarca antes de la conquista inca.
Former Justice Minister Juan Jimenez replaced Oscar Valdes, a former army general, who as prime minister ordered a crackdown earlier this month on protesters of a controversial mining project in the northern region of Cajamarca.
The Conga mine project in the country's Cajamarca region is majority owned by Denver-based Newmont Mining Corp, the second largest gold-mining company in the world.
"Using my constitutional powers, I introduce a state of emergency in the provinces of Cajamarca, Celendin, Hualgayoc and Contumaza," the president said in a statement.
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