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He had his first consultation at Centre Hospitalier Calais, which is 10 minutes' drive from the Channel Tunnel exit, three weeks ago.
Speaking in Calais, he blamed migrant traffickers and "totally organised" gangs for the violence.
Monday's visit is also Hollande's first visit to Calais since his presidency.
A joint statement from both governments after talks between Ms Rudd and Mr Cazeneuve in Paris said: "In the face of the challenges posed by ongoing migratory flows in Europe, and taking into account the migratory pressure in the Calais region and the particularly difficult humanitarian situation, we are committed to working together to strengthen the security of our shared border, to strongly diminish the migratory pressure in Calais and preserve the vital economic link supported by the juxtaposed controls in Calais."
Asked about presidential hopeful Nicolas Sarkozy's call for a processing centre in England to deal with asylum requests from those in Calais, the No 10 spokesman declined to speculate on the position of a possible future French administration.
Summary: 1000 migrants will be affected by the Calais relocation
THE Government has a grip on the migrant crisis at Calais, Philip Hammond has insisted as David Cameron faces calls to break his holiday and witness its impact "first hand".
THE Calais crisis worsened yesterday as the port's deputy mayor accused Britain of "outrageous provocation" and then threatened to let all the migrants into the UK.
THE majority of British visitors to Calais tend to associate the city with ferries, hypermarkets selling cheap booze or the starting point of a holiday journey to more distant parts of France - and not for some of the best lingerie in the world and the globe's best known and most glamorous models.