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a city in western Rumania, in the Hunedoara Region. Population, 12,300 (1974). The Victoria cast-iron smelting works (administratively linked with the Hunedoara combine), a semicoke plant, and a construction materials enterprise are there.

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Roedd arferion eraill hefyd yn gysylltiedig a Chalan Mai, ac ar nos Calan roedd yn arferiad i gasglu canghennau o goed a blodau ac addurno tu allan y cartref.
PONTARDAWE: Pontardawe Arts Centre (01792 863722), Breabach, Calan.
The Calan SR Patients-in-Compliance(TM) program, available to both English-speaking and Spanish-speaking patients, will be provided for patients with high blood pressure (hypertension) who start a prescription for Calan SR, Searle's once-a-day calcium channel blocker, which is currently prescribed for hypertension (see full prescribing information below).
2013 and Addenda to the Contract Signed, Is Equipped with Medical Equipment and Furniture Endowment Specifically to Health Centers Multifunctional Calan.
Mae'r artistiaid ym Mhorthmadog yn cynnwys Teulu Hendre Cennin, Dafydd Iwan, Heather Jones, Rhys Meirion, Hogia'r Wyddfa, Calan, John Ogwen, Cowbois Rhos Botwnnog, Cr Aelwyd Chwilog a Chr Eifionydd.
Calan Horsman, site co-founder, said: "Having positioned ourselves as a niche blogging platform focused on user experience, we are now very excited about giving travellers the opportunity to be rewarded for sharing their unique travel experiences.
CONTACT: For further information please contact: Calan Horsman, Phone: +44-(0)207-431-2124, Email: calan@mylifeoftravel.
The inquest in Southport heard that Mr Cook, a programmer, was in Calan Forcat with his wife and two daughters when he died last August.
DIVING into the Mediterranean from 60 feet up is not my idea of a fun experience, but it was for the fit young Spaniards who perform this daredevil stunt daily at Calan Bruch in Menorca.
In fact, the drug verapamil, sold as the brands Calan and Isoptin, actually decreased patients' risk of worsening heart disease.
On June 6, 1983, astronomer Marina Wischnjewsky made a plate of NGC 4699 as part of a supernova survey conducted by the University of Chile's Cerro Calan Observatory in Santiago.