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a city in western Rumania, in the Hunedoara Region. Population, 12,300 (1974). The Victoria cast-iron smelting works (administratively linked with the Hunedoara combine), a semicoke plant, and a construction materials enterprise are there.

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Calan Gaeaf marked the first day of winter, and Nos Calan Gaeaf, the night before, was one of three Ysbrydnos (spirit nights), a time when the barrier between the "Otherworld" - the realm where the dead and supernatural creatures dwell - and ours was at its thinnest.
Prices for a one-week holiday start at pounds 297 pp (four sharing) and the luxury waterside Villa Los Delfines at Calan Bruch near Cuidadela, Chris Higham's base, costs from pounds 446 pp (six sharing).
The HDP delegation returned from the prison island of [sup.2]umral[sup.2]y after meeting with [R]"calan not with the expected good tidings but with a more sophisticated plan for formal negotiations.
"It has been known that some festival organisers will ask, 'will they be looking like this on stage?' without even listening to the music!" CLICK ON And see Calan perform at /multimedia
Mae Eifion ac Eileen yn llwyddo i weld yr ochr ddoniol i bethe, ond a fydd y ddeuawd fawr yn barod erbyn yr Wyl Calan Mai?
The letting agents for Queens Arcade are Calan Retail and GCW.
Ymhlith y perfformwyr eraill bydd y grwp gwerin Calan, Gwilym Bowen Rhys, Y Bandana, y delynores Glain Dafydd a Band Jazz Ysgol Tryfan.
Also on the bill are popular Irish folk group TheWolfe Tones, Welsh singer Dafydd Iwan, home-grown folkies Ar Long and Calan and international rugby referee Nigel Owens, who'll be giving a video presentation of his top ten favourite corner flags on the pull-down big screen.
A civilian witness said he was told by journalists that the executed man - who murdered innocent civilians in an Angolan village - was a British Army Paratrooper nicknamed Colonel Calan.
Ond nid amser i leisio amheuon yw'r Calan. Amser i fod yn bositif ydyw, a meddwl y gorau o bawb a phopeth.
Dydd fy mhen-blwydd yw Dydd Calan ac mae hi wastad yn braf cael dathlu ddwywaith - fy mhen-blwydd yn ogystal a'r flwyddyn newydd ei hun.