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Dela Pena, Marikina City, when the motorcycle, driven by Calandria, lost control and crashed to a concrete pole.
Figure 1(a) shows the IAEA/ ICSP for the benchmark of the LOCA model that consists of a graphite heater and the surrounding pipes called pressure tube (PT) and calandria tube (CT) [7].
Obama has naively asserted that last year's Iranian nuclear deal will prevent Iran's nuclear capabilities forcing Iran to: Discard 25,000 pounds of enriched uranium by shipping it out of the country; dismantle and remove two-thirds of its centrifuges; remove the calandria from its heavy water reactor filling it with concrete; and provide access to its nuclear facilities and supply chain to international watchdogs.
One project that used Russian olive wood to manufacture flooring and cabinetry reported the wood to have "acceptable dimensional stability and resistance to excessive warping" (La Calandria Associates, Inc.
It continued with Machiavelli's Mandragola, whose Callimaco journeys to France to avoid the wars consequent on Charles VIII's invasion; Bibbiena's Calandria with the flight of the twins after the Turkish conquest of Venetian Modon and Coron; Ruzante's multilingual Anconitana with the hero(in)es' departure from war-torn southern Italy and capture by the Turks; the Ingannati's characters who flee the Sack of Rome; and more.
Kerry said Wednesday the United States was informed that calandria, or central vessel of the Arak reactor, had been removed and it would be filled with concrete in coming hours.
During a phone call with his Iranian counterpart Mohammad Javad Zarif on Tuesday, "the foreign minister reported to me that the calandria of the plutonium nuclear reactor is now out.
Una prueba de ello es que aun recordamos a Hormiga Negra, a Juan Moreira; en Entre Rios a Calandria, es decir, ese tipo fue excepcional, los gauchos, en general, no eran matreros.