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Tina Calandrino, Instructional Designer, Center for Distributed Learning, University of Central Florida, 4000 Central Florida Blvd., LIB-107, Orlando, FL 32816-2810.
Il fazzoletto e una commedia sulla natura umana, la cui vicenda ci ricorda un po' quelle di Calandrino, narrate nel Decameron di Giovanni Boccaccio.
Learn the craft of writing very short plays with playwrights Connie Bennett and Paul Calandrino; part of the Wordcrafters in Eugene's search for new work to refresh "Step Into Theater," a series of short pieces by local authors exhibited in the Overpark garage.
The heliotrope's powers were a myth and considered absurd, as demonstrated by Boccaccio's (1992: 8.3, 905-919) foolish Calandrino. Pulci's Decameron reference renders the erbetta ridiculous.
Calandrino, "Controlling harmful cyanobacterial blooms in a world experiencing anthropogenic and climatic-induced change," Science of the Total Environment, vol.
From the left are Jordan Jarvis, Melanie Johnston, Amy Calandrino, Phil Calandrino, and Tom Dolney.
Buscemi, S., Canino, B., Dagnese, F., Carpes, F.P., Calandrino, V., Buscemi, C., Matina, A.
E su quest'ultima, irriverente frase che l'autore concentro il suo intervento correttorio: il sostantivo "sinplicita", quasi un marchio lessicale del tipo comico del beffato ("semplicita" e, ad esempio, la caratteristica distintiva di Calandrino in Decameron VIII 3, 4), con una cassatura parziale venne ridotto alla forma aggettivale "sinplice", integrato dal sintagma "credentia del buon Duca".
She sees her father along with her tutor, Calandrino, dabbling in the art of alchemy and desires to learn more.
Lessons in Greek and philosophy are the highlight of seventeen-year-old Santina Pietra's week, but when a shared passion for alchemy and learning evolves into passion of a different sort, Santina's tutor, the dreamy scholar Calandrino, chooses to leave San Gimignano to pursue his interest in the discovery and translation of ancient alchemical texts.
Several of those tales are told by Giovanni Boccaccio about the painter Buonamico Buffalmacco and his simple friend, Calandrino. For example, in one story (Decameron 9.3) Buffalmacco, with the help of others, convinces gullible Calandrino that he is pregnant.