Calcium Fluoride

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calcium fluoride

[′kal·sē·əm ′flu̇r‚īd]
(inorganic chemistry)
CaF2 Colorless, cubic crystals that are slightly soluble in water and soluble in ammonium salt solutions; used in etching glass and preparing hydrofluoric acid.
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Calcium Fluoride


CaF2, a salt; colorless crystals. Density, 3.18 g per cm3; melting point, 1360°C.

Calcium fluoride is practically insoluble in water. It exists in nature in the form of the mineral fluorite (fluorspar) and is a component of apatite. Calcium fluoride serves as a source material in the preparation of hydrogen fluoride and other compounds and as a flux in metallurgy.

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The concentration of the free fluoride ion was mathematically computed at which the solubility of calcium fluoride would be exceeded with calcium concentrations known to be physiologic.
The viability of re-using the waste in this way depends not just on economic assessment but also on technical viability: whether impurities--primarily those, including arsenic, entering with HF catalyst--would build up in the process or whether they would leave with the calcium fluoride. (6)
Though the residues of the decomposed chemical blowing agent are able to activate bubble formation, too, it could be proven for a concentration of 10 wt% calcium fluoride particles that the nucleation behavior is enhanced probably because of the larger sized voids they create.
Using today's powerful tools, Burnett and his colleagues found intrinsic birefringence in calcium fluoride. At 157 nm, Burnett says, the material exhibits 12 times the effect tolerable in current stepper designs.
For fluoride consumption by humans 3 mg F/day is a figure that should never be exceeded, and, of course, sodium fluoride in tooth pastes should be replaced with calcium fluorides, which are much less toxic.
Fillers in these formulations can include copper, nickel, zinc, aluminum or non-metallic materials such as graphite, calcium fluoride molybdenum disulfide, calcium hydroxide, zinc oxide or calcium oxide.
Commercial forms of sodium silico-fluoride contain 60 percent fluoride; calcium fluoride, 47.7 percent; sodium fluoride, 40.5 percent to 44.1 percent; hydrofluosilicic acid, 23.7 percent; and ammonium fluosilicate, 64 percent.
Normally, only minute amounts of these elements are found on the earth's surface, but industry mines vast tonnages -- none in greater quantity than fluorine, which is most often found in the form of calcium fluoride.
The secondary calcium fluoride minerals gearksutite and creedite were reported from the mine by Jones (1980) and Besse (1981).
Del is planning No More Breaks, a restructuring nail strengthener with calcium fluoride. Cosmair continues to support its successful Plenitude skin care line as it had promised to do, in addition to introducing a variety of color cosmetics.
Fluoridated saliva not only decreases critical pH, but also further inhibits demineralization of the deposited Calcium fluoride at the tooth surface.