Cali Fair

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Cali Fair (Sugar Cane Fair, Salsa Fair)

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Santiago de Cali, the third-largest city in Colombia, is the capital of one of the country's most prosperous regions, the Valle del Cauca. The rich cultural identity of this city (often called simply "Cali") and the surrounding area have been celebrated each year since 1957 at the Cali Fair. Although it is billed as a "town fair," suggesting a small country festival, the Cali Fair is a major event that draws thousands of local residents and tourists from around the world. Cali is the center of Colombia's sugar industry and is also known as the home of the best salsa dancing in Colombia. The celebration of sugar and salsa is a prominent part of the festival, which is also known as the Sugar Cane Fair and the Salsa Fair .
The Fair opens with the cabalgata, an elaborate cavalcade of riders mounted on fine horses, which moves through the streets of the city. Other parades take place throughout the duration of the Fair. There are numerous artisans selling their crafts, street performers, and other forms of entertainment. There are beauty contests, cultural exhibitions, concerts, and sporting events, including a marathon along the Cali River. A Bullfighting Festival is also part of the celebration. Held at La Plaza de Toros de Cañaveralejo, the Bullfighting Festival showcases the top bulls and matadors from the Americas and Europe.
Many parties and dances take place around the city during the Cali Fair. A salsa marathon is one of many dance events held each year. There are also contests for tango and just about every other kind of Latin American dance. It is said that during Fair time, Cali is the home of the best salsa dancing in the world.
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