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The nominal internal diameter of a pipe. In contrast, the outside diameter is specified for brass and copper tubing and for brass and copper pipe of other than iron-pipe sizes.
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The Calibra name is likely to be used for a Regal coupe.
People might take these for granted now but the Calibra was the first mass-market car to have all those sort of features as standard.
Conversely, Calibra was not influenced by heat because no significant difference in the [mu]TBS values was noted between the groups polymerized at 25[degrees]C and 50[degrees]C.
Launched in 1989, the first Irish cars bearing 1990 registrations, the Calibra followed the format of the Manta by being based on the platform of a similarly sized saloon, the Mk1 Vectra.
Just over a month after his October 19 release, police arrested him on suspicion of stealing a car when they found him near a Vauxhall Calibra in Maesteg on November 21.
Pregnant mother-of-two Angela Michelle Livesey, 35, cut the metal hydraulic brake cables of a Vauxhall Calibra belonging to Steven Carruthers, with whom she worked at the Dali bar in St Helens.
En seguida calibra el espacio entre ambas vertebras y mide las superficies de los huesos a la que se fijaran los soportes de titanio, para ajustarlos a la medida del paciente.
For example, the new Opel Calibra has fenders and liners made from plastic recovered from spent battery cases, production scraps, and bumpers.
People with type 1 and type 2 diabetes who used the new OneTouch Via mealtime, on-demand insulin delivery system reported they missed fewer doses and felt less stress about dosing compared to multiple daily injections, according to research presented by Calibra Medical, Inc.
But when Vauxhall drove in with the Calibra the scales began to even out.
The Opel version ceased production in 1997 but the Calibra soldiered on in the UK until 1997.
With four-wheel drive, a sixspeed Getrag manual transmission and a claimed top speed of 152mph, this flagship model finally gave the Calibra the power to match its looks.