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The nominal internal diameter of a pipe. In contrast, the outside diameter is specified for brass and copper tubing and for brass and copper pipe of other than iron-pipe sizes.
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The male driver of the Calibra suffered cuts and bruises in the accident.
That may change, though, with Vauxhall currently touting the Monaro concept coupe as a possible Calibra successor.
An amazing one in 11 of them has been illegally "clocked" - making the Calibra the most dubious second-hand car.
Arran Christie was thrown on to the pavement after the accident involving a Vauxhall Calibra on the A701 road in Edinburgh.
Although road tax on small cars has fallen by pounds 55, this will probably not effect Mr Homer as he drives a Vauxhall Calibra.
You can count Vauxhall's automotive high points on the fingers of one hand - Calibra, VX 220, Lotus Carlton - and that's about it.
A Vauxhall Calibra was destroyed after it caught fire in Foleshill Park, Holbrooks, at 11pm.
HAVING a passion for Touring Car racing is all well and good, but because the cost of competition is so high, one enthusiast has come up with his own cheaper option - a customised Vauxhall Calibra.
Police chased the thieves' Vauxhall Calibra, which had been stolen from Sutton Coldfield on Saturday, for five miles from the store in Beacon Street to Stonnall where there was a collision.
The Vauxhall Calibra was stolen from a house in Bangor, Co Down, hours earlier.
Q I'VE just bought an H-reg Vauxhall Calibra eight-valve and want to convert it to LPG.
Today, you wouldn't raise too many eyebrows if your common Mondeo or Calibra was parked near a High Street bank.