calibration error

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instrument error

The difference between values indicated by an instrument and those that are actual. Normally, a correction card is placed next to the instrument indicating the instrument error. Also called calibration error.
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Influence of Sensor Calibration Errors. The SSS method is known to be very sensitive to sensor calibration errors, and an accurately calibrated sensor array is needed for effective suppression of interference [18].
In the case without the array calibration error, the performance of the LCSS approach is better than that of the CMT approach.
These deformations increasing the angle of calibration error raster element position detection device displacements in accordance with the calibration object.
We qualify the measurement by calculating the calibration error, measured for the whole dataset--that is, of about 0.5 K in brightness temperature with respect to the emission of a blackbody at 240 K.
The calibration error for the translation vector can be defined as
Many state-of-the-art robust adaptive beamformers will degrade their performance greatly when large calibration errors exist.
set to 10%, below this limit the calibration error grows exponentially.
At least 24 people treated between May 2004 and August 2005 received 20 percent more radiation than they should have had due to a calibration error.
Capitalization on item calibration error in adaptive testing.
An indicator shows if the sound level meter microphone is incorrectly inserted into the cavity, removing the potential for calibration error. An automatic power off function helps ensure batteries last up to two years.
The automaker is recalling the vehicles because of a software calibration error in the trucks' Engine Control Module.
The data show that for the six indentation speeds, the overall mean absolute calibration error was <0.05 mm for both loading and unloading modes.

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