California, University of

California, University of,

at ten campuses, main campus at Berkeley; land-grant and state supported; coeducational; chartered 1868, opened 1869 when it took over the College of California (est. 1853 at Oakland as Contra Costa Academy). In 1873 it moved to the present Berkeley campus. At Berkeley are the Lawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryLawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory,
scientific research centers run by the Univ. of California, located in Berkeley, Calif., and Livermore, Calif., respectively. They are named for their founder, physicist Ernest O.
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 (which the university runs for the U.S. Department of Energy); the main library, which houses over 7 million volumes; and an extensive museum system including museums of paleontology, zoology, and anthropology.

The Los Angeles campus (est. 1881 as Los Angeles State Normal School, transferred to the university 1919) is known for its theater department. Its research institutes include programs on the brain and on nuclear medicine. At La Jolla is the San Diego campus, centered around the Scripps Institution of Oceanography (est. 1901, transferred to the university 1912), whose research facilities include several ships and marine laboratories; a comprehensive undergraduate program was added in 1964. At San Francisco are the medical campus (est. 1864 as Toland Medical College, transferred to the university 1934) and Hastings College of the Law. Other campuses are at Riverside (est. 1907 as the Citrus Experiment Station), Santa Barbara (est. 1891 as a private school, transferred to the university 1944), Davis (opened 1909 as the Univ. Farm School), Irvine (est. 1960, opened 1965), Santa Cruz (est. 1965), and Merced (opened 2005). The university also operates the Lawrence Livermore and, as a partner in Los Alamos National Security, the Los Alamos national laboratories, the Lick Observatory, numerous agricultural experiment stations, and a statewide extension service. Total enrollment in the Univ. of California system is over 165,000 students.

California, University of


one of the largest institutions of higher learning in the USA, opened in 1868 as the state educational institution of California; based on the College of California, founded in 1855 in Oakland, near San Francisco.

The University of California (as of the 1971-72 academic year) was made up of nine university campuses, each of which actually represents an independent educational institution, as well as six large scientific research institutions, nine experimental agricultural stations, and a great number of colleges and other divisions. The largest university campuses are at Berkeley, Davis, Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara. The campus at Berkeley, founded in 1872, includes a graduate division and colleges of agriculture, chemistry, engineering, and letters and science, as well as schools of business administration, criminology, forestry and forest preservation, law, librarianship, social relations, optometry, public health, and journalism. It also contains a scientific research center in atomic physics and a library with 3.7 million volumes. There are 28, 000 students enrolled at the Berkeley campus.

The campus at Davis, founded in 1905, includes colleges of agriculture, environmental sciences, letters and science, and engineering, as well as schools of law, medicine, and veterinary science. The library contains 730, 000 volumes. There are 13, 000 students enrolled in the Davis branch.

The University of California at Los Angeles, founded in 1919, includes a graduate division, colleges of letters and science, engineering, and the fine arts, as well as schools of architecture and city planning, business administration, dentistry, education, law, librarianship, and public health. The library contains 2.8 million volumes. The university has approximately 28, 000 students.

The Santa Barbara campus, founded in 1891, includes a graduate division, colleges of letters and science and of engineering, a college of creative studies for students showing ability for research in various fields, a school of education, and 12 scientific research institutes and centers, including the Bureau of Educational Research, the Center for the Study of Developing Nations, a computer center, an institute of oceanology, and the Quantum Institute. The library contains 630, 000 volumes, and 14, 000 students are enrolled.

There are also campuses of the University of California at Irvine (founded in 1965), Riverside (1907), San Diego (1912), San Francisco (1873), and Santa Cruz (1965). In the 1971-72academic year, more than 100, 000 students were receiving in-struction at the University of California, from a faculty of over6, 000 instructors, including approximately 3, 000 professors. The libraries of the university contained approximately 10 million volumes.

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