California State Railroad Museum

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California State Railroad Museum

Location:In Old Sacramento at 125 'I' Street.
Facilities:Museum, exhibits, restrooms, food service.
Activities:Guided tours, excursion train rides (seasonal).
Special Features:Museum interprets the role of the "iron horse" in connecting California to the rest of the nation. Housed in one large building are more than 21 fully-restored historic locomotives and cars. A full-scale diorama depicts the building of a section of the transcontinental railroad in the 1860s. A block from the museum is a reconstructed passenger station and freight depot circa 1867. During the summer, a steam train takes visitors from the depot to Miller Park and back along the Sacramento River.
Address:c/o Capital District Office
101 J St
Sacramento, CA 95814


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There are shops (too many selling tourist trinkets, unfortunately), bars, restaurants and the excellent California State Railroad museum (www.
Explore Old Sacramento SHP, the largest collection of Gold Rush-era buildings west of the Mississippi, or the incomparable California State Railroad Museum.
The California State Railroad Museum has officially opened its newest attraction, the Historic Sierra Railroad Shops at Railtown 1897 in the gold-country community of Jamestown.
WHERE: California State Railroad Museum 111 1st Street Old Sacramento CONTACT: Norman D.
The celebration is a partnership with California State Parks and the California State Railroad Museum.
Gray, director of the California State Railroad Museum.
This year, a 1959 engine and Dynomometer car on loan from the California State Railroad Museum will be on display, along with one of the last surviving roundhouse turntables and the new SD 70M diesel 9800s engines.
Today's announcement was made during a ceremony at the California State Railroad Museum in Old Sacramento.

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