California bungalow

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California bungalow, California Craftsman

A loosely used term applied to a small one-story or one-and-a-half-story wood bungalow, often in the Craftsman style; widely found in California from about 1890 to 1920 as well as in other areas of the United States.
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The exterior styles of the homes embody the historic roots of San Diego offering Spanish, California Bungalow and San Juan Rustic architectural styles.
The California bungalow, for instance, became the "bush bungalow" in Australia.
Angela's southern California bungalow is currently in foreclosure.
Henry Poole finds Jesus' face on the stucco wall of his suburban California bungalow.
Remodeling his California bungalow five years ago, Thom Vernon wanted a retrostyled fridge, but didn't want retro performance.
Now there's Airplane House, a typical Southern California bungalow near Divernon and Peoria avenues that now has half a Boeing 727 in the back yard, 100 airplane parts incorporated into the decor and a ``pilot's lounge,'' where the family can relax and watch TV on a projection screen.
Last spring, I decided to paint the living room and dining room of our 1920s California bungalow.
Home shoppers will be greeted with a choice of three exterior styles including California Bungalow, San Juan Rustic and Spanish elevations that work together to create an aesthetically pleasing street scene.
Set designer Rachel Hauck effectively locates the action in the front yard of a blasted-out California bungalow enclosed by a short fence and flanked by a pair of authentic-looking palm trees.
Ruzicka wanted a garden that would look as if it belonged with a traditional California bungalow.
Their interpretation of California bungalow meshes with surrounding, low-slung structures, and the result is a timeless, natural blend into surrounding dunes.
The exterior styles of the homes feature historically rooted architectural details and combine with modern materials to create a beautiful streetscape depicting California Bungalow, San Juan Rustic and Spanish styles.

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