California bungalow

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California bungalow, California Craftsman

A loosely used term applied to a small one-story or one-and-a-half-story wood bungalow, often in the Craftsman style; widely found in California from about 1890 to 1920 as well as in other areas of the United States.
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The tour, held every other October, showcases the distinct character of the neighborhood, which includes Spanish Revival, Tudor, California Bungalow, and Neoclassical architecture.
The California bungalow, for instance, became the "bush bungalow" in Australia.
Angela's southern California bungalow is currently in foreclosure.
Henry Poole finds Jesus' face on the stucco wall of his suburban California bungalow. And he is ticked off.
How could it the electricity bill on my gizmo-cluttered desk in my overly consumptive, 1,400-square-foot California bungalow demanded a measly $31?
Over at the MGM Grand the Wolfgang Puck Bar and Grill has been designed to recreate the spirit of the California Coast with a traditional California bungalow - complete with patio, hedges and plaid awning.
Remodeling his California bungalow five years ago, Thom Vernon wanted a retrostyled fridge, but didn't want retro performance.
WITH SHINGLE SIDING AND crisp white trim, this relaxed, rural beach home along the coast in northern San Diego County is reminiscent of a classic California bungalow. The low-slung, single-story model sits comfortably on a half acre amid tropical landscaping left behind by the property's former owner, a plant nursery.
Last spring, I decided to paint the living room and dining room of our 1920s California bungalow. Imagine how delighted I was to receive the July issue with "Lessons in Color" (page 72).
Ruzicka wanted a garden that would look as if it belonged with a traditional California bungalow. So that the family would have a place to sit and relax in the garden, she removed the front porch railing to give a more open, welcoming feel, then expanded the porch.
Like the California bungalow popularized at the turn of the century, the tract ranch house became the most famous low-cost house of its era, eclipsing the two-story, steeply roofed, snow-defensive developer houses of the East.
Artist Salomon Huerta, meanwhile, offered ironic canvases of Southern California bungalows painted in lurid colors.

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