a mountain massif in the eastern Carpathians, in northern Rumania. Length, about 70 km; maximum elevation, 2,104 m (Mt. Pietros). The mountains are composed primarily of Neocenic volcanic rocks. The Căliman mountains are deeply dissected by rivers. In its relief Mt. Pietros shows traces of ancient glaciation. On the slopes are beech, mixed, and fir forests, giving way to subalpine and alpine meadows. There is logging in the Căliman range.

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City couldn't clear the danger and Brazilian Matheus Caliman took advantage to crack home the opening goal.
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In both cases, seedlings were grown in plastic bags using 'Sunrise Solo' papaya seeds from Embrapa Mandioca e Fruticultura, Cruz das Almas (BA) and Caliman Agricola S/A, Linhares (ES) in the first and second periods, respectively.
An experiment with a complete diallel design was performed at the Caliman Agricola S/A company in Linhares, Espirito Santo (ES), Brazil.
Nesse sentido Caliman (2006) aponta que o bullying, ou as consequencias dessas agressoes tendem a gerar dificuldades no convivio nos diferentes contextos, ou seja, tem o reforco das circunstancias ambientais intrafamiliares, extrafamiliares e intraescolares Assim, dos 18 adolescentes que sofrem bullying ao responderem quantas vezes sofreram com essa agressao, 39 % relatam sofrer diversas vezes.
According to Galvao, Gomes, Capanema, Caliman and Camara (2010), the attitudes of the teachers in the institution itself are sometimes laden with school violence, some of which contribute to the establishment of school hierarchies among students: public comparison among students' performances, kicking students out of the classroom, using sarcasm, or yelling at students.
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In this study, the measured decrease in dry matter weight was in line with the measurements reported by Caliman et al.