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(also Kallatis), an ancient Greek city-state on the western shore of the Black Sea (present-day Mangalia, Rumania).

Founded at the end of the sixth century B.C., Callatis quickly became a large city-state (polis) with a highly developed economy. From the early 330’s B.C. to 281 B.C. it was subject to Macedonia. Between 313 and 305 B.C. the inhabitants of Callatis were in a state of rebellion, which was supressed by Lysimachus. More than 1,000 Callatian citizens fled to the Bosporan State. Under Mithridates VI, Callatis became part of Pontus. In 28 B.C. it became part of the Roman province of Moesia. In the first half of the seventh century a.d., Callatis was destroyed during the Avar and Slav invasions. Excavations (from 1901, O. Tafrali, T. Sauciuc-Saveanu, and R. Vulpe) have uncovered the remains of massive defensive walls, city blocks, temples, public and private buildings, and numerous works of art, inscriptions, and household objects. The necropolises have been investigated. In one of the burials dating from the fourth century B.C., the remains of a Greek manuscript on papyrus were found.


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