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see CalixtusCalixtus, Georgius
, 1586–1656, German Protestant theologian, whose original name was Georg Callisen. He extended the influence of Melanchthon, and sought a basis, such as the Apostles' Creed, for uniting Christian churches.
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The feast has been regularly celebrated since the canonisation of David in the 12th century (by Pope Callistus II), though it is not a national holiday in the UK.
Dollinger's historical work directly challenged and undermined this claim by pointing out Sabellian theological errors of Pope Callistus I (217-222).
One of her most moving passages relates the reconciliation and forgiveness meeting in 2007 between Maurice Bishop's daughter, Nadia, and the still imprisoned Callistus Bernard, the man who was alleged to have actually shot Bishop: "The best word to describe what happened yesterday was 'grace'," she reports Nadia as saying.
Gulu University deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of Academics, Prof Callistus W.
Head of Local Government Services, Dr Callistus Mahama, said quality and accuracy of data were key to routine management of human resource in every establishment.
The shrine of St David at his cathedral - located in Britain's smallest city, St Davids in Pembrokeshire - was thought of so highly by Pope Callistus II that he states that two pilgrimages to the shrine was worth one to the Vatican in Rome 3.
Another visit, of a different kind, was to the Ardeatine Caves, on the southern outskirts of Rome near the Catacombs of St Callistus.
1857-1866), Nicephorus Callistus Xanthopoulos, Historia ecclesiastica [Patrologiae cursus completus series Graeca], Paris.
Hyphessobrycon callistus (Boulenger, 1900) (photo in habitat, Alto Paraguay, plus two photos in situ, (Fig.
A year later, in 1123, the First Lateran Council convened by Pope Callistus II in Rome continued the consecration of war.
On July 9, as Father Callistus Joseph watched the flag of independent South Sudan rise for first time over the dusty capital city of Juba, he felt privileged to be present at the birth of the world's newest nation.